WOMEN only!

Who run the world?

Well, according to a significant amount of people, a bunch of overpaid and underperforming string puppets dancing to the merry tune played by corporate interests who just want to line their own pockets while slowly squashing the peoples of the world beneath them … But that’s really neither here nor there.

We at Copenhagen Cup just want to give a massive shout-out to all the ladies of the badminton world. And what we’re shouting is … Where y’all at?!

The registrations to Copenhagen Cup 2019 have started in earnest, but at this point, we’re not seeing that many women signing up. While we, of course, appreciate any and all participants showing an interest in our tournament, we hope that the line-up at this year’s Cup will be a diverse one, so we can inject some much needed excitement into those boring ol’ mostly male tournaments. And for that, we’re gonna need you … Okay, this doesn’t really work that well in writing, but you kind of have to imagine, that I’m pointing at you now (I know, I know, I should have done an infomercial, but in for a penny, in for a pound, right?) really quite dramatically. We already have some women on the roster, but we’re going to need more, if we want the Mixed Doubles and Women’s Doubles to be more than just a couple of doubles playing each other over and over again. I suppose, we could always dress some of you up and change your names, but you’re all intelligent people, and we’d probably be rumbled pretty quickly.

No, the only thing for it, is for all you bad-ass badminton ladies out there to come over and show the boys how it’s done. There’s already a bunch of ‘em eagerly awaiting their Mix partner and I’m sure none of you have the heart to let them down, right? That’s the spirit.

So hop on over to www.copenhagencup.com and turn up the dial on the totes amaze factor on this year’s Copenhagen Cup by signing up. You know you secretly want to anyway, so just go with it, follow your heart, clear eyes full heart, a whole new world and all that.

Hoping to see you all in Copenhagen in August.

Pan Badminton