Tournament setup

RSL Copenhagen Cup offers level A, B+, B-, C+ and C- in singles, mixed and doubles. Participants may choose up to two categories: singles and men’s/women’s doubles or mixed doubles and men’s/women’s doubles. Since singles and mixed doubles take place concurrently, participants wishing to play on the Thursday must choose either singles or mixed doubles. 

The system will be round-robin in pools followed by knock-out rounds. Matches in all categories are best of 3 sets to 21 with running scores.

All levels will be playing with natural feather shuttlecocks. We’ll be using RSL Tourney Classic Speed 78. This shuttlecock is approved by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for international level play.

The organization committee reserves the right to make changes to the
tournament schedule, to combine or divide classification levels and to
reclassify individual players or teams.

Fairness and level classification

Please ensure your level classification fairly and correctly reflects your ability. Read more in the Regulation section below or on our tournament website.

How do I find my level

Fairness and level classification: In order to guarantee an exciting, entertaining and fair tournament, please ensure your level classification fairly and correctly reflects your ability. The following criteria have been set for Copenhagen Cup:

1. The team’s level will be determined solely on the basis of the better player’s level classification and results at LGBT tournaments (singles and doubles) in the years 2019/2020/2021/2022. Involvement in mixed or senator competitions will not be considered. It is the responsibility of each player/club to ensure that their classification is correct and their responsibility to inform the organization committee that their categorisation / grading needs to be amended at the earliest opportunity.

2. Goldmedal (first place) winners at tournaments with 200 participants or more, for example EuroGames, Gay Games, Frankfurt, Goslings, Hamburg, etc. in the years above are obliged to play in a classification level higher.

3. The award of five medals (first to third places) at any LGBT tournaments in the years above shall likewise result in a higher level classification.

4. The organization committee reserves the right to move players to the classification that reflects their ability.


Registration opens March 1. Please follow the intructions given on the registration page.
Those participating in doubles disciplines are advised to enter their partner’s name during registration. Those who have not yet found a partner, may fill in the information later.
If you do not have a doubles partner already, you may request a blind partner in your registration, and we will do our best to allocate you a partner. Note that partners will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, so the earlier you register and request a partner, the more likely you are to be allocated one.

To ensure that you do not compete against players from your own sports club or team during the earlier stages of the tournament, please include the name of your club or team in the registration form.

Online tournament system

The personal data (first name, last name, country, levels, etc.) of the participants will be made public on Tournament Software for the purposes of Copenhagen Cup 2023.
Match results will be made available on Tournament Software during match days.