“Tweet tweet” – be our early bird!

Sign up before May 1 and enjoy additional benefits such as additional drink vouchers and other vouchers to enhance your tournament experience.

How to Register

For the RSL Copenhagen Cup we have chosen Tournament Software as the system for registration and show of results during the tournament.
Click on the “BUY” button in the above to go the registration page in Tournament Software.
You need an account on www.tournamentsoftware.com to register your entry. If you plan on participating in any doubles discipline, make sure you and your partner(s) all have accounts before registration. Partner-wanted entries are possible and we will allocate partners based on a rolling basis, so the earlier your entry is in, the more likely that you will get assigned a partner.

We have created a guide for you who are not familiar with signing up in the Tournament Software: GUIDE

Cancellation Policy

Please note the following dates and rates in case you need to cancel your registration. If you are prevented from going, we encourage you to find others taking over your registration. In that case please reach out to us (coordinator@copenhagencup.com)

  • Up until July 1: 50 % of payment will be refunded, not including transaction fees.
  • After July 1 unfortunately we cannot offer any refunds.

Please use the following link if you need to cancel your registration: CANCELLATION


Note that pictures taken by the CC23 team will be made publicly available on www.copenhagencup.com a short while after the tournament and may be used to advertise future tournaments.